Why Your Marketing Should Include a Local Element

Why Your Marketing Should Include a Local Element

The word “local” has been popping up everywhere in recent years, from supporting local independent businesses to shopping for local produce, to investing in your local economy. As the world feels bigger and bigger, this emphasis on local living has been a trend that many marketers have utilized.

While the “localism” marketing strategy we employ on your website may be a bit different, it shares many components with this trend toward close-to-home and local lifestyles.

We love to share localism posts for our clients. These sorts of posts are events guides, a collection of local businesses in a particular category, or a list of locations your readers may be interested in. The common thread is that they all point back to your specific area. In real estate marketing, this is especially important as it establishes you as the expert in the area.

We put together some of the reasons we love to use localism posts in your marketing plan. Check out these reasons for the many benefits of using this awesome content in your marketing.

  • Helps to generate SEO– Between backlinks, clicks from readers, and extra website content, these posts help to generate valuable SEO for your website. You will be more easily found in local web searches and your website traffic will grow. We certainly don’t need to explain the benefits of increased web traffic for your growing business! Localism posts help your SEO in ways that are especially helpful in the real estate world.
  • Establishes your business as a member of the community– By showing support for the local economy, your business will benefit. By sharing this sort of content, you will legitimize yourself among the ranks of other local businesses in your area.
  • Encourages clients to keep local- Shopping and spending near home has benefits for the friends and neighbors of your clients. If they support local and independent businesses, those businesses will grow. This is good for everyone in the community.
  • Makes your area more appealing– The saying “the rising tide lifts all boats” is never truer than in this application. By encouraging your clients to spend locally, they’re helping to support your area. If your area is booming, the homes sell faster. As a real estate agent, you have a lot riding on the local community. Localism posts encourage local spending that, in turn, helps your small locally owned business as well.
  • A good will gesture to other local businesses– Other businesses will see what you’ve posted on events guides and collections of local businesses. The backlinks in your post will work to generate SEO, but they serve a twofold purpose. Any business you feature will be grateful for your help in marketing and more likely to recommend you. This will create goodwill toward your brand and, hopefully, generate future business.
  • Provides exciting content on your site- Local residents love to read weekly events listings. They’re intrigued by posts about great ice cream shops or other interesting destinations in their town. This content is fun to read and guaranteed to receive lots of clicks from your readers.

Localism marketing is a unique and interesting way to add content that’s relevant and chock full of benefits to your brand. We love what it does for your business and how it can help you to establish yourself in your area as a powerhouse agent. We’d love to incorporate localism into your marketing plan. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from this type of marketing.


Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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