What we DO and DON’T do at FSVA

What we DO and DON’T do at FSVA

Your real estate business is growing. Wonderful! But you want to see it explode. That’s where we come in. We’ll wave our fairy godmother wands, work our magic, and suddenly you’re closing more often than you ever knew possible! We take the things off your plate that take you away from being the real estate genius we both know you are.

We’re downright amazing here at Fresh Start Virtual Assistants!  But over time, a few people have started to misunderstand what we do here at FSVA. Yes, we’re magical marketing gurus, but we wanted to clear up some common misconceptions people have about what we do.

You definitely need our help to grow your business. But, contrary to popular opinion, we definitely won’t help you with your love life.

Social Media Management

DO- We do help manage your social media accounts. We’ll post engaging content and help grow your followers. You don’t need us to tell you how important social media is. (I mean, you can if you’d like.) But we’ll take over and make your accounts look amazing and reach your customers with our eye catching posts.

DON’T- We won’t respond to your 25 Candy Crush invitations on Facebook from Aunt Gertrude. You’re on your own for those.

Social Media Marketing

DO- We do post your new hot listings, “coming soon” posts, reduced price listings, and anything that’s under contract. We make sure your clients are able to see the great homes available in your area and can follow along with the most up-to-date news about each one.

DON’T- While we do an amazing job of advertising your listings, we don’t really do much in the way of helping you let the world know you’re single and ready to mingle. It’s up to you to use social media to get that info out there. (Our best advice: a well-lit selfie to let everyone know you’re on the prowl. You got this.)


DO- We’ll write interesting blogs for your website. We’ll share them with your clients and give them some valuable content on engaging real estate topics. We also write up great weekly events blogs. Blogging helps your website gain traffic and it dispenses valuable info that your clients will be interested in. As a bonus, our blogs will point to your team and encourage clients to contact you with well-placed calls to action.

DON’T- Although the agents on your team definitely rock 2018’s hottest real estate looks, we don’t write fashion blogs. We’re sorry. (Although, you’re looking FIERCE in that suit you wore for your website photos. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

E-Mail Marketing

DO- We send awesome e-mails to your client list. These include pertinent information about your listings and things to point clients to your website with the help of valuable content like our weekly events blogs. We use e-blasts to get your information directly to clients and keep you on their minds.

DON’T- Sorry, we can’t deal with that 50 e-mail long thread you have with your cousins about the upcoming family reunion. It’s up to you to help Aunt Sandy and Cousin Terry stop their fighting and decide on a location for this year. We’re no help in that department.


DO- We’ll work with you to help gather and track specific details about your clients. This means that we can then create targeted ads specifically for them to see on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and through Google AdWords. Ads targeted to your clients mean that you get more business and that makes us happy!

DON’T- We can’t keep you from buying those funny tees you keep getting targeted ads for on Facebook. We can only tell you that the world doesn’t need to see you in one more corny t-shirt proclaiming your love for the Yankees, WE GET IT ALREADY!

We really hope this list clears up any confusion and lets you know a bit more about what we do for our awesome clients. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business!


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