What the Heck is SEO?

What the Heck is SEO?

Hang out in marketing circles for very long and you’re bound to hear “SEO” mentioned more than once. All you might know is that you NEED it. But how do you GET it?

We’re here to simplify the process and help you understand SEO so that you can take part in the discussion next time it comes up in conversation. We might even help your website a little bit in the process. (You’re welcome!)

But seriously, what is it?

For starters, it’s important to know what those three letters stand for. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of making your website show up in those Google search results higher on the list. SEO will make your website appear to be one in a position of authority for your field.

Why, exactly?

Well, you want people to click on your website, right? (If you don’t need people clicking on your website, then this post is not for you!) SEO makes it possible for your website to show up in those coveted high positions in Google search results. Think about the last time you searched for something. Now think of which result you clicked on. If you’re like most people, it was one of the first three organic options. If you aren’t using SEO, then your website is likely not one of those highly ranked sites.

How do the rankings get decided?

You’ll need to show authority on your site. It’s important to use specific keywords related to your business in both onsite and offsite factors. Onsite you’ll want to constantly post things that are unique and relevant to your business. You’ll also want your site to be linked by other websites. This all fits together to show Google that your site is awesome and deserves to live at the top of the pile!

OK, I want it! But how?

It’s never going to be immediate, but after some time, you can see your rankings start to rise. Content that’s specific to your audience published on places like your blog are a great way to help with SEO. Disseminating the posts by using social media is another great way to help.

Quality content that gets back linked on other sites is a great way to use SEO. It’s also great to ensure your content is linked throughout your own site using links internally. These are links that will point back to other portions of your site.

Help me SEO!

Luckily, we are able to help you! Here at FSVA, we work to help your website through blogging, social media, and e-mail marketing. All of these provide great ways to use SEO for your company’s website. It may sound like this is all some secret recipe that only Google understands. It’s really not difficult, but it does require the trained expertise of people who make it their job to optimize your site. Give us a call and see if we can help you grow your brand and your reach in the big scary world of search engines.

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