We’re Big Fans of E-Mail Marketing, Let Us Tell You Why

We’re Big Fans of E-Mail Marketing, Let Us Tell You Why

We LOVE e-mail marketing around here!

We work to create eye-catching and fun e-mails that your clients will appreciate. These e-mail blasts and monthly newsletters contain valuable content sent right to your clients’ inboxes. Your name is kept in their mind with these digital reminders, and you are able to reap the rewards when they get ready to buy or sell.

With other social media sites taking the fanfare away from e-mail, we’ve put together a list of reasons we still think e-mail is the key building block of great direct marketing to your clients. Take a look and see just what we mean.

It Keeps Clients in the Loop

Since most of your clients aren’t going to be buying a home each year, you’ve got to keep yourself on their mind. After they had a great experience with you as their agent, they’ll want to come back in the future. That is, if they remember you. Keep your name fresh on their minds and keep them informed of the exciting changes in the real estate market in your area. By sending e-mails with the type of content they’re interested in, you’ll keep interest high. It’ll increase your chances of having repeat customers and invaluable client referrals.

It Builds Excitement

You can share when the market’s hot, great listings in your community, and content with solid calls to action that clients need to hear. Well timed e-mails build the excitement you need to help motivate clients to move forward with their real estate goals. No matter what’s happening with your business, you can build valuable excitement about your work and their local market using e-mail marketing.

E-Mail Isn’t Going Anywhere

Of course social media is important. It’s the reigning wunderkind of the marketing world right now. (Don’t get us wrong, we also love a good social media campaign.) But, you know what people are guaranteed to check even at their busiest? The answer is their e-mail. Everyone we know starts their day by checking that inbox. Throughout the day they look at it over and over again. How many times have you heard of a friend deleting their Facebook account or taking a Twitter break? Nobody takes a break from e-mail. Your clients will check their e-mail and you’ll get their attention with great e-mail marketing.

The Price is Right

It’s one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. Check out our new pricing to see what personalized e-mail marketing can cost. Or, if you want to try it DIY style, check out this link to get going with Constant Contact. You’ll be amazed at how little this valuable service costs, no matter which route you choose. In comparison to other forms of marketing such as direct (snail) mail or ads, you’ll save a ton by working with a solid e-mail marketing list.

It’s a Great Complement to Your Other Strategies

E-mail is great because it isn’t going anywhere. But, it’s also great because it’s a way to reach clients that complements the marketing efforts you’ll direct to social media as well. Increase the amount of times your clients hear your name on a regular basis. Keeping yourself at the forefront of their mind is the key. E-mail works in harmony with the other marketing strategies we use to ensure you are able to reach your audience.

Audience Personalization

Someone speaking directly to you will always make you stop and listen. In a similar way e-mail marketing goes face-to-face. Your message is given directly to your client. They have a much greater chance of listening in and seeing what you have to say by visiting them in their e-mail inbox.

If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of e-mail over here. We firmly believe that it’s important to invest the time into creating great e-mail marketing that your clients enjoy reading. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a great e-mail strategy targeted directly to the perfect audience.

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