Ways to Make Your Client “Thank You” Gifts Stand Apart

Ways to Make Your Client “Thank You” Gifts Stand Apart

Marketing isn’t just limited to SEO, social media, and email campaigns. There are things you can do to assist in the marketing of your business to your clients. Loyal clients are one of the greatest marketing tools you can use. By giving your clients reasons to come back and, most importantly, reasons to refer you to their friends and family, you’re ensuring your business will thrive for years to come!

One of the greatest ways to create loyal clients is through a well thought out “thank you.” In the world of real estate, gratitude goes a very long way. Your clients have trusted you with finding them a home or selling the home they’ve created memories in. This is not something a client takes lightly. Your gratitude should be of equal weight.

It’s important to note that any of the following ideas should be presented alongside a well-written thank you note. A sincere and thought out (and preferably handwritten) note expressing gratitude will help to shape your client’s opinion of you and solidify their repeat business in the future.

Here are some great ideas for tangible thank you gifts that will help you to stand out in your customers’ minds.

  • Dinner at a local restaurant: A gift card to a local restaurant in the buyer’s new neighborhood is a great way to introduce them to their new area and celebrate a job well done.
  • A maid service: After weeks of unpacking boxes and setting up house, anyone could appreciate the gift of a deep cleaning. Sellers would also appreciate this gift before turning over possession of their empty home. Give a gift card for a local maid service for them to enjoy.
  • A meal kit box: A boxed meal kit is a fun and unique way to celebrate the first of many meals in a new home. Give a voucher for the family to use the kit at their leisure (preferably after their pots and pans have been unpacked). They’ll love not having to shop or meal plan, and will enjoy all the perks of a delicious homemade meal!
  • An heirloom wooden gift: We love these beautiful cutting boards and other handmade wooden pieces for client gifts. These pieces make for both functional and artistic additions to a home that will coordinate with most décor styles.
  • A custom print of their new home: A handmade illustration, such as this, of the client’s new home is a great way to celebrate a milestone. A framed piece of art is a great addition to the new walls of your client’s home and it will remind them of their great experience every time they pass it.
  • A bottle of wine and monogrammed wine glasses: Sellers and buyers alike can appreciate a fine bottle of celebratory wine or champagne. Pair them with some beautiful custom monogrammed glasses and a decanter for a classic gift that goes the extra mile.
  • A personalized doormat: Help clients say “welcome” to guests with a personalized doormat. A fun and functional accessory will help your clients to set up house with something special.
  • Yard service: Work with a local lawn company to give a one-time lawn care gift card to clients. During the busy move, yard work is the last thing most people will want to think about. The gift of one fewer mowing session will go a long way to show your gratitude.

It’s important to ensure you give a gift that shows how much you care for your clients. Everyone is different, so send something that has a personal touch and shows you’ve been listening. An extra token of gratitude is a great way to create relationships that’ll last for long years to come.

Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels

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