Want to Binge Watch and Get Smarter About Marketing at the Same Time?

Want to Binge Watch and Get Smarter About Marketing at the Same Time?

Don’t we all love a good binge watch session on Netflix or Amazon Prime? But sometimes we just want to relax without turning off our brains completely. These shows and documentaries are great for those of us who love to think about the ins and outs of marketing during our downtime. We’re fascinated by the way people respond to good (and not-so-good) marketing. Next time you’re in the mood for something new to watch, check these out!

We’re always looking for new recommendations. Give us some of your favorite shows to binge watch about business and marketing.                                                                                     

  •        The Greatest Movie Ever SoldThis film created by Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) is a great look at how integrated marketing is throughout the world. Although some might view this as a negative film about this industry, it’s a fascinating look at what audiences respond to. It’s something anyone in marketing will find very interesting.
  •        The PersuadersThis Frontline documentary from PBS is an in-depth look at the failed Song Airlines. What went right and what went horribly wrong in the way the company operated. This documentary will be a fascinating case study.
  •        The FounderThis film about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, is a must see. From understanding the genius of his fast food business model, to exploring the sometimes brutal tactics he used. This film is as entertaining as it is educational.
  •        HelveticaYes, the font called Helvetica. This documentary explores the history of this ubiquitous font and what inspired the creators to make it. If you love studying graphic design and its role in marketing, this is a can’t miss. This popular film is a treat for the eyes and a special look into this font that we see hundreds of times each day.
  •        Mad MenWeaving the wisdom of 1960s marketing in with the storyline of the artfully slick Don Draper is a binge watching opportunity every business owner should watch! The sets, clothing, and everything in-between offer a feast for anyone who loves the midcentury aesthetic. With marketing themes and advertising at the forefront of the show, you can definitely consider this educational viewing.
  •        Internet RisingThis film is a truly awe-inspiring look at how far the internet has come. No matter your field, the internet plays a role. Take a deeper look at the history and current state of the internet in our lives and the world.
  •        Film and CopyThe classic ad campaigns everyone remembers such as, “Where’s the Beef?” and “Got Milk?” are so engrained in our minds. But where did they come from? This film explores the genius behind the talented marketers who came up with these parts of our culture. If you want to glean a bit of this magic, don’t miss this incredible documentary.

There are tons of other great documentaries and shows that explore the fascinating world of business and marketing. What are your favorites?

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