Top Social Media Channels To Market Your Business

There is no question about it – social media has changed the world
of marketing.  It has changed the way we
communicate and market. It has made marketing more affordable.  Not that long ago, before social media,
running an effective marketing campaign targeting a specific audience would
have cost your business thousands of dollars.
Today through social media you can reach your target audience for much
less; even as little as five dollars a week.

With new social media platforms entering the scene all the time
and the vast array of what is already out there, it can be difficult at times
to figure out what platform your business should be using to reach new clients.

Here are a
few that you should be active on:


Twitter is a great source to get your information (posts) out in a
viral way. If your content is powerful enough to be shared or “retweeted” you
are likely to gain more followers. The use of hashtags is important when it
comes to Twitter. Stay aware of what is trending and use relevant hashtags in your


Facebook has the largest set of diverse users  – more than any other social media platform
currently out there.   At last count there were more than 1.5 million
users.  This wide array of users makes
for a marketing dream. When it comes to advertising through Facebook not only
do they make it easy, it is customizable to your target audience demographic.


What started out as a simple photo-sharing platform, has grown to
so much more.  Owned by Facebook,
Instagram gives you access to all the demographics similar to Facebook when it
comes to advertising.  This platform is
great for sharing photos of company events or for advertising upcoming
events.  Have fun with it and run free giveaways.


Being active on LinkedIn is a must if you are in the B2B sector.  Use this platform to connect with other
professionals in the business.  Join a
LinkedIn Group and establish your own Group. Invite other like-minded business
professionals to join.


Owned by powerhouse Google, YouTube is a strong force when it
comes to Search Engine Optimization.  By
uploading videos to your company’s YouTube channel you are more likely to show
up in a search result than other websites.


Many businesses don’t think of being active on Yelp.  This is a big mistake and you should be
actively building a strategy to increase reviews of your business on Yelp.  One negative review and your brand could be
harmed.  If you have a number of positive
reviews the negative reviews tend to be presented less by Yelp. Encourage those
that do business with you to leave a review on Yelp and in return offer then
some kind of savings or incentive.

Find which social media platform is right for your business. You
may find that you have more engagement on one site over another.  Things change rapidly in the social media
world and you need to be prepared for new platforms hitting the web.

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