The Top 5 Benefits of Branded Links

The Top 5 Benefits of Branded Links

Branded links offer users several benefits! Here at FSVA, we offer link branding as one of our services included with our marketing and social media packages. Rebranding your links is a powerful way to help your brand to grow successfully. Take a look at these top five awesome benefits of using branded links when sharing links with your audience.

Here at FSVA, we use Rebrandly to create branded links for your business. We think they’re the best of the best in the world of branded links. We love how well their links work and love using them to create great looking custom links for our clients.

Here are our favorite benefits of using branded links-

They Look Better

For starters, branded links look better! Have you ever looked at a 3-line long link and remembered it? Of course you haven’t. Short branded links look clean, spiffy, and professional. They don’t take up valuable visual space on a social media post, and give your audience a clear target when clicking on a link you’ve shared.

Makes it Easy for Someone to Find Your Content Again

If you’re sharing something that your clients will want to reference again in the future, a branded link is a great solution. You can share a simple link that they can either jot down or commit to memory. When they need to access the information again, you can verbally tell them the link or they can type it into their browser from memory.

Helps Your Audience to Remember Your Brand

There’s a reason you’ll hear a brand’s name over and over through marketing, it’s smart to remind clients of your name. By seeing your name in a branded link, your audience will continue to have touchpoints associated with your brand’s name. No matter what your business, hearing your brand’s name regularly will make you a household name in your clients’ mind.

You Can Monitor a Link’s Performance

When a link is rebranded through us with Rebrandly, you’re then able to monitor the performance of that link. Not only will you see if a post on your own website it performing well, other content can be monitored with the help of branded links. With this valuable information, we can notice trends and see what your clients are most interested in. This all helps to serve them more fully and target their interests and needs.

Gets Your Website More Traffic

By rebranding links you can drive more traffic to your own website. It’s no secret that better traffic helps your business in multiple ways. By constantly directing clients to your site, you’ll begin to see your business grow even better.

We love using branded links and think they’re a powerful marketing tool. If you’ve wanted to up your social media and marketing game, contact us. We love using branded links and include them with our packages. We’d love to tell you even more about how we use this tool to help our amazing clients.

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