The Powerful Results Of Adding More Persuasion Into Your Listing Presentation

Competition is fierce
in the real estate industry and you need to stand out among the competition.
Many areas across the country are struggling with a decrease in housing inventory
and if your listing presentation is lacking in persuasion, now is the time to
spruce it up. Real estate agents successful in the art of persuasion usually
have this trait.

Effective Listening

The number one way to
persuade others is to start with effective listening. If you are looking for
others to do something you want them to do, such as list their home with you,
you need to be actively listening.  If you’re not being an active and good
listener don’t expect to land the listing.  Show prospective sellers that
you are interested in them by listening attentively and you will find that they
are more open to hearing what it is you have to say.

Show Empathy

Selling a home is not
always a positive situation for every seller.  Those that need to sell
their deceased loved one’s home, or are facing foreclosure, may need a little
bit more empathy from you. You will find that those sellers who might not be
facing a hardship may still need your empathy because many sellers develop an
emotional attachment to their home – which tends to make it hard for them to
decide to list their home for sale. Always reassure potential sellers that you
are there for them and will be looking out for their best interest and will do
everything you can to make the real estate transaction a positive one for them.

Adequate Questions

After you have shown a
potential seller you can actively listen and show empathy, you want to follow
up by asking adequate questions.  This means asking the right questions to
obtain more information and helping to influence them. Build a connection with
them.  Keep in mind that open-ended questions will allow the potential
sellers to open up more. The more they talk, the more you will know, which will
help you determine what you have to offer that is of most benefit to them. To persuade
others effectively you need to be able to identify what it is you have to offer
that they will benefit from.

The Value In Being

When there is a lull
in the conversation you may feel the need to fill in the silence, but keep in
mind that potential sellers may need that quiet time to collect their thoughts
and analyze what you had to say. Allow some quiet time, then follow up with
asking them if there are any questions they may have or something that you did
not cover.

Close The Deal

Close the deal by
always following through. That means calling when you say you will and
returning their messages in a timely fashion.

A strong listing
presentation filled with a little persuasion will help you land every listing.
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what you need.  Our listing coordination services can instantly transform
your business.  Every listing you take should show the pride you
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