The Importance Of Social Media In Your Business Marketing Strategy

The Importance Of Social Media In Your Business Marketing Strategy

At one point in time many in marketing felt that social media was a fad that would pass, something kids were using, and there was little a business could benefit from. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are an estimated 3 billion users on the internet and out of those – 2 billion are said to have an active social media account.  Social media platforms have now become a hot place when it comes to marketing and businesses can no longer afford not to utilize them in their marketing strategy.

Here are 5 ways your business can stand to grow as a result of social media marketing.

Brand Awareness

Before a potential client does business with you or your company they want to have trust in your company’s ability to deliver what they promise. Social media is a great way to build brand awareness while also gaining the trust of potential clients. Build trust by letting potential clients know you are the expert in the industry by providing content that is useful and knowledgeable in your area. This builds your brand’s authority, helping to make you a leader in your industry.

Valuable Insight

Using social media in your business marketing strategy allows you to gain valuable insight into your customers. By being active on a daily basis and engaging with others on social media platforms you are able to gather data that is relevant and useful, leading you to make better business decisions.There are many platforms available to you, such as Hootsuite Insights that gather data across various platforms providing you with the details you need to better market to your target audience.

Lead Generation

Don’t waste money running ads and drawing traffic to your website homepage or blog if you don’t have a lead generation tool in place. Through consistent lead generation, you can gather data to help promote and grow your business.  By regularly interacting on social media and providing timely services you can increase sales and retain clients.

Search Engine Ranking

The number one reason to use social media in your marketing strategy is the benefit it provides in drawing traffic back to your website. The more traffic you draw to your website, and the more your social media content is shared – the higher you will see your search rankings increase.


Through social media monitoring, you can gain insight into what your competitors are doing on social media allowing you the ability to make better decisions for your business. Hootsuite provides social media monitoring tools that allow you to track industry keywords as well as any mentions of your competitors. This information can be useful when it comes to seeing what content your business may be missing.

If you are not reaping the benefits of using social media in your marketing – now is the time. Find out how Fresh Start Virtual Assistants can help your business with a fresh start. .Contact us today to see how we can help.

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