The Best Way to Make E-Mail Marketing Rock

The Best Way to Make E-Mail Marketing Rock

E-mail marketing can easily land in the territory of “delete before reading” or, worse, the dreaded “unsubscribe.” Since we want you to avoid that fate as much as you do, we asked ourselves, what makes for effective e-mail marketing campaigns? What sets apart the e-mails that don’t get read from the ones that are working to help grow businesses?

Take a look at this list to learn the top 5 ways successful e-mail marketing campaigns work and how you can make your e-mail rock!

  1. Timing is everything. E-mail marketing campaigns need to be tailored to the optimal times of day and days of the week. A great marketing team knows when to send your e-mails to achieve the best results. Much like with anything involving marketing, an expert team will tailor your campaigns to your specific audience and determine perfectly timed content.
  2. They have direction. If you are sending e-mails because your real estate agent neighbor also sends marketing emails, then you’re destined to fail. Set tangible goals for your e-mail marketing. If you know what you want to accomplish with an e-mail campaign, you’re much more likely to accomplish it.
  3. They contain useful content. It only takes one initial e-mail to establish that your e-mails are useful and fun to read. Whether you’re including local events guides, fun recipes, or helpful listing information for someone who’s in the market for a house, great content is one of the keys to successful e-mail marketing.
  4. They look great! E-mail is not just about the message. If you’re sending a cluttered e-mail with too much information that’s difficult to read, your clients won’t pay attention. A good e-mail marketing campaign has taken the time to plan an attractive and easily readable layout for each and every e-mail sent.
  5. They have a solid call to action. Along with great goals for your e-mails, a call to action sets up something tangible for the reader to do. You can encourage your readers to click a link, contact you, or any number of actionable goals. The call to action is an essential part of a successful e-mail marketing campaign and ensures the e-mail isn’t the final part of an interaction. It encourages a reader to do something and by doing something, your marketing goals will be met.

E-mail marketing isn’t tricky or impossible. In fact, it’s pretty simple to make a campaign successful. It just takes a few tricks and a great team on your side. Give us a call if you’re stuck with your e-mail marketing. We would love to help you today!

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