Ten Ways Busy Real Estate Agents Can Get Dinner on the Table

Ten Ways Busy Real Estate Agents Can Get Dinner on the Table

Real estate comes with a unique schedule. While most of your friends only report to work 9-5, Monday-Friday, you’re showing houses on weekends and working late nights on contracts. The drive-thru temptation is real. But it won’t take long before you start to feel those convenience meals and cheap fast food. Your real estate performance is directly linked to your own health and personal performance, but how do you get a healthy dinner on the table?

  1. Map Your Week– Sitting down with your planner is key. A meal plan is a great starting point for any family, but especially an agent’s family. It’s a great idea to know (and look forward to) what’s for dinner each night so you won’t be tempted by unhealthy quick options.
  2. Cut Traditional Grocery Shopping– Most grocery chains offer free or inexpensive pickup. You can order with an app or website and then schedule a pickup. It takes about as much effort as jotting down a list. Some cities even offer grocery delivery services that will eliminate the need to even drive to the store. These can save several hours in your week!
  3. Meal Prep– Some advance planning for a few nights of the week will help any culinary adventures happen quickly and easily. You may find that you’ll need several different chopped veggies for the week’s meal plan, chopping and storing them can eliminate some of the work and help you make dinner twice as fast.
  4. Try a Boxed Kit– The boxed meal kit options are a great idea for families who want to cook but need some extra help. They’ll eliminate grocery shopping, handle the creative part of meal planning, and send you perfectly portioned ingredients to create incredible meals.
  5. Learn the Healthy Options in the Grocery Store– Everyone needs a contingency plan. If you’re out late at a difficult closing, you still need to eat dinner! A rotisserie chicken is a great backup when you simply don’t have the time to cook. Throw a salad mix and some fresh bread into your cart and you’ll have a healthy dinner that probably cost less than a trip to a local fast casual restaurant.
  6. Get Instant Dinner- The Instant Pot is the electric pressure cooker can do it all. Busy real estate agents can benefit from the ease of use by cooking a whole chicken in under an hour, making a pot roast that tastes like it’s been simmering all day, or it can cook frozen meat in under 30 minutes! This is a tool that every agent should have on hand for unpredictable days.
  7. Go Low and Slow– If you’re not interested in buying a new gadget like the Instant Pot, use your old faithful slow cooker. Put dinner in before you leave for your day of showings and meetings, then come home to a dinner that requires little or no effort.
  8. Search for a Personal Chef– This isn’t a luxury for the rich and famous. Busy families are using personal chefs to help take the burden out of cooking dinner. You may find that the meals are priced comparably to restaurant food and much more healthy and delicious!
  9. Make Double and Freeze the Rest– When you’re cooking, throw together a second lasagna in a disposable pan or cook up a few extra chicken breasts. Store these in the freezer for a hectic day.
  10. Learn the Art of the Snack Supper– Charcuterie and cheese boards are all the rage in restaurants. Put together a mixture of cured meats, cheese, fruits, and veggies for a quick dinner. If you’re exhausted after an open house, it’s great to look forward to a laid back and elegant dinner. Just don’t forget to pair it with a great bottle of wine!

Your life as a busy agent can be helped or hurt by the food you eat. Try some of these simple ideas this week. And share with us your favorite tips for making it all happen each week. We love to hear your tips for managing life and busy schedules.

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