Six Instagram Accounts to Inspire You and Your Real Estate Clients

Six Instagram Accounts to Inspire You and Your Real Estate Clients

We’ve talked before about the importance of sharing valuable content with your clients. Valuable real estate related content isn’t just limited to mortgage advice or posts about listing your home. There are some beautifully curated and downright fun Instagram feeds that you could share on your social media accounts (maybe using one of those handy branded links we’ve discussed). These Instagram accounts offer design inspiration, home maintenance tips, and even a chance to geek out over beautiful historic homes! Each account is a great way to share content that will engage your audience and hopefully encourage them to make their home buying or selling dreams a reality.

We Live Here Now This account is run by a fellow agent in Portland, Oregon. She writes micro-short stories about home and the people we love in our homes. Many of them are incredibly sweet and real tear jerkers! Real estate is not just about transactions, it’s about people and the lives they hope to lead in the homes you sell. This is a great account for homebuyers who need the encouragement to buy the home they want to make special memories in.

Apartment Therapy The website associated with this account is no longer just for apartment dwellers. As the site’s readers have grown, so has their focus. This account offers links to great home improvement stories, design inspiration, and features beautiful imagery.

Please Hate These Things– A hilarious account for design lovers and those who love to laugh at bad design. The owner of this account is an interior decorator by day. She features the outlandish and utterly puzzling from homes around the web. Be it strange architectural details or odd decorating choices, she shares pictures along with hilarious captions.

Old House Love– For those who love to swoon over historic home details, this account offers some amazing eye candy. The beautiful homes featured on this page offer endless inspiration. Share this with the client who loves the charm and elegance of a bygone era.

Young House Love– No relation to Old House Love, but still features plenty to love! This millennial duo are parents to two young children and have renovated 3 homes already. Now they have gotten into the vacation rental game. They offer great design and home improvement advice and tutorials. The wife even works as a real estate stager on the side and has some great tips for people hoping to sell their home in the near future.

Floorplans of the PastThis page features historic home floorplans. This is a great resource for a client who is buying or selling an older home. Plus, it’s fun to see some of the amenities that are sometimes hilarious to our modern sensibilities. This page is a cool trip to the past for old home aficionados and architecture lovers.

We hope these accounts give you some inspiration for content to share with your clients. These pages are a great way to dive deeper into design, home improvement, and deep emotional connection we all have with “home.” Check some of these out and start sharing them with your clients today!


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