Should You DIY Your Social Media?

Should You DIY Your Social Media?

If you’re tempted to DIY when it comes to social media, you may be missing the mark. Our team here at FSVA work hard to optimize your social media posts in exciting and interesting ways that you may not consider.

Writing a Facebook status or retweeting a tweet seems simple enough, but when it comes to social media marketing, it’s a bit trickier. Keep reading to learn why hiring someone to manage your social media might be a smarter move.

Time- For starters, it’s nearly impossible to handle your own social media without some outside help. Time constraints mean that adequate social media marketing takes you away from your important work. Gone are the days of sporadic and inconsistent social media marketing. To see success from your social campaigns, you need to post great content regularly.

Link Rebranding- We use special links that work with your brand’s name and help make your links clean and effective for marketing. A marketing company like FSVA can use this technology to manage links and create social media posts that look professional and clean.

Emojis- Although it may sound silly, lots of marketing novices underestimate the value of emoji usage. Meanwhile, some use far too many, making for cluttered content. By sprinkling the right amount of color into your posts, they pop and invite your audience to engage with your content.

Timing- We schedule your posts for optimal engagement. By using research and data, we’re able to discover when your target audience will want to engage with your post and follow through with your calls to action.

Calls to action- A “call to action” or CTA is a tool used to encourage the audience to act upon reading something. Our experienced team of marketers and copywriters can create posts that truly encourage your audience to respond to a CTA. This sort of engagement and response is extremely important. By trusting our team with your social media, you will see a much higher response to your posts.

Content- A team like the marketing gurus at FSVA will work to find content that makes your brand look great! Whether sharing a post that’s especially targeted to your demographic or creating fresh content on your site’s blog to share across your social media platforms, the content we provide is high quality and exciting.

Posting Across Platforms- Many amateurs feel as though they only need sporadic posts on one social media page at a time. This is not how modern social media marketing works. We coordinate and schedule your posts for all of your pages. We know how important multiple touches can be and work to ensure continuity between each platform.

Photos- We find quality stock photo content to coordinate with your posts. We know how to create graphics and other photos for special events or other occasions that your audience will appreciate.

Boosting- We work with your social media posts and coordinate paid boosting. Given the new algorithms across each social media platform, it’s important to boost your posts. We know which social media posts need to be boosted and the details of how to do this important step. Rather than spending a large amount on something that won’t return much on your investment, we know how to strategically coordinate paid posts to increase engagement.

These items are only the beginning of great social media marketing. By entrusting this task to our experienced team, we can make this important area of your marketing plan work even better than it has before. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels

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