Seven Game Changing Apps for Real Estate Agents

Seven Game Changing Apps for Real Estate Agents

Professionals spend lots of time contemplating productivity. Everyone wants to become more productive. Whether you’re wanting to save hours in your day or work harder during your working hours, there are helpful apps that make it easy to achieve your professional goals. Along with productivity, there are some apps that make an agent’s job tons easier. We have put together a list of our seven favorite apps that every real estate agent needs.

Think about adding some of these helpful apps into your routine. You might be surprised at how they can improve your real estate game.

  1.  Focus@WillThis app is unique because it pairs you with a type of music that works with your personality type to improve your workflow. With 50 station options, this app has plenty of choices to make your workday more productive.
  2.  Zillow’s Mortgage CalculatorThis is an unbeatable tool you can use on the go to help clients envision all the details of their monthly mortgage payments based on a home price. This is a must have for agents.
  3.  Rescue TimeThis app helps teach you more about your daily habits so that you can change them as needed. It’s easy to lose track of whole hours in each day. This app helps you to rescue those hours and convert them to solid working time.
  4.  Movoto Crime Stats“But is this a safe neighborhood?” Use concrete evidence to show your clients the crime rates in any given neighborhood. Check out real-time information that any client will appreciate.
  5.  Focus BoosterIf you’re familiar with the Pomodoro technique for productivity, this app will change the game for you. Track productivity chunks throughout your day and get more done!
  6.  EvernoteNote taking is an unavoidable part of most every job, but it’s imperative in the real estate business. Make sure your notes are saved and accessible by everyone on your team by using Evernote.
  7.  HellosignReal estate involves legal documents galore. Being tied to hard copies can really slow down your productivity as an agent. Send and receive signatures quickly and easily by using this handy app.

Take a look at these apps and see if you could benefit from using them in your daily work life. We’re always searching for a great game-changing app ourselves. Let us know what apps you can’t live without!

Photo by Johnny Mckane on Pexels

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