Quick Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Quick Tips for Marketing to Millennials

If you don’t find yourself in the millennial age bracket, it’s easy to feel like they’re a group shrouded in mystery. It’s not that hard to understand millennials. It’s just important to understand that this group longs for connection, authenticity, and great experiences. We put together a list of some of our favorite ways to appeal to the fastest growing group of homebuyers. As a real estate agent, you’ll find your work with millennials goes even better with the help of these great tips.

  • Reach them on social media- Whether through ads on Facebook or Instagram, or with content on your page, it’s important to meet millennials where they spend their days. This generation checks their Facebook feed like other generations check their email. You’re more likely to catch them on social media than anywhere else.
  • Get your name out there- Word-of-mouth is super important to millennials. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to hire someone without knowing they’ll like them. It’s important to get your name spread through great word-of-mouth. It’s one thing to encourage your clients to share your name, it’s another to give them great reasons to rave to their friends.
  • Make relationships- Millennials want a genuine connection with someone. A real estate agent is no exception. They want to invite you into their circle and get your help as a friend, not just an agent. Real connection is the best way to appeal to this group.
  • Be real- Fake people are easy to spot. Try to operate as organically as possible. Millennials can see through the old tricks that can appear “canned” or “cheap.” Think of ways to connect to this audience using real and honest relationship based service.
  • Sell experiences- This is especially important in the business of selling homes. It’s not enough to show a great home, a millennial buyer wants to envision themselves in the home with their kids making real memories. Help them to envision that future. Sell homes by setting the scene for them to want to live their full lives in the home.
  • Get reviews- Online reviews are one of the greatest ways to find a service provider or product for millennials. They hit the internet looking for reviews in much the same way they look for word-of-mouth recommendations. They want to see that other people had a great experience before moving ahead.
  • Communicate and listen- Millennials are pretty easy to read. As long as you listen and don’t assume. Listen to what they want and you can easily please them. Don’t show them homes that you think are great but don’t meet their criteria. Truly listen and show homes that your clients have described to you. If you show them you’re listening, they’ll be more open to hearing what you have to say.

Millennials are easy to understand. They simply want genuine people and relationships over everything else. Understanding the way they tick will help you to have the edge in marketing to this group of real estate buyers and sellers.



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