Increase Your Customer Referrals With These Tips

Nearly everyone in business wants referrals, and the more the better. If you are struggling with obtaining new referrals here are a few tips.

1. Social Networks

When it comes to marketing, effective targeting is necessary.  Know who your target audience is and change your tactics to reach them on the social network platform they utilize the most.  Remember no social network platform is the same. For instance, Facebook is great when it comes to reaching individual customers, whereas LinkedIn is great to use for networking a B2B business.  To determine which social network platform you should be using begin targeting ads towards an audience, then offer a different referral program for each.  After trial and error you can determine what works for you and your client base and then ask your customers to share it.

2.  Social Validation

When consumers were asked who they considered to be a trusted resource 84% responded that friends and family were according to a Neilsen Report. That means a referral that comes from a trusted source via social media is persuasive enough to socially validate your business.  Social media users are more likely to check out a new Facebook page or business when the suggestion comes from a trusted source.  Encourage past clients to share your Facebook page or leave a testimonial about their exceptional experience with your business.

3. Incentivize

Offer an incentive to get your current customers to share information about your services on a social media platform.  For instance, offer a gift card for your services or to a local business in return for them participating in inviting a friend to sign up for your monthly newsletter or becoming a fan of your page.

4. Personalization

When asking past clients or current customers to share something about your business, make it easy for them to do so.  Have a personalized message already created so they don’t have to come up with something on their own.  Don’t let this personalized message be generic. Make it compelling so people want to “click” to learn more.

5. Just Ask

While it sounds pretty simple to say “Just Ask”, you would be surprised how many business owners do not step out of their comfort zone and ask someone for a referral. When asking be subtle and offer a substantial incentive to do so.

These are just a few of the many ways to go about growing your referrals.  Start the process by testing different things till you find out what works for you and your audience.

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