Inbound Marketing Tips That Will Gain Leads

Inbound marketing can provide you with some of the most qualified leads. The reasoning behind this is that these leads are submitting their contact information on their own accord, and giving you permission to continue to build a relationship with them. To gain leads via inbound marketing requires you to have a strong inbound marketing strategy. Here are a few tips on how to execute your inbound marketing to gain more leads.

Intensify Your Blog

Blogs are a great avenue to help your business be found online, and do wonders when it comes to Google’s ranking. Google looks for websites that are putting new, fresh and relevant content out there, and a blog is a great way to go about doing that. If you don’t currently have a blog then now is the time to create one, if you have an existing blog then you should work on intensifying it.  When visitors come across your blog they should find a well written blog that is relevant to their search, and that delivers content that is engaging.  To optimize your blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) target just one phrase or specific keyword throughout the blog.  To turn your blog into a lead generator consistently produce quality content.  The content should be of the nature that you are educating your readers while addressing common problems or answering questions that they may have.  This establishes you as an expert in your industry. Your blog is not a place for a hard sale.

Utilize Email Drip Campaigns

Once you capture a new lead’s information you need to have some form of a marketing automation system in place. This is software that serves the purpose of automating marketing actions.  Drip campaigns play an important role when it comes to nurturing a lead. The emails in your drip campaign should be as personalized as possible.

Correct Use Of Social Media

We know there are numerous social media platforms and not all of them are suited for each sector of business.  This is where correct use of social media comes into place.  That means you don’t have to become an expert on all the platforms out there.  Start by determining which social media channels are right for your business, and knowing your company’s culture. Once you find the channels that are right for your business determine a marketing strategy that has you posting engaging and influential content.  Keep your content relevant to the platform you are on. For instance, Facebook has a fun and casual environment where as LinkedIn is more of a professional environment. Your content should be more of giving instead of asking.

Send E-Newsletters

Your business should be sending out an e-newsletter monthly. These are relatively low in cost and a great way to stay top of mind while engaging your leads.  E-newsletters are the perfect avenue for sharing those wonderful blog posts you created and driving traffic back to your company’s website. You can also include in your monthly e-newsletter quality content from reliable sources that will resonate with your target audience.

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