How We Use Blogging to Help You

How We Use Blogging to Help You

What do you know about blogging? If you think it’s simply a way for people to share about their lives and passions, you’re definitely mistaken! Blogging can be one of the greatest marketing tools for promoting your business. While your family’s blog with baby spam is a great thing to send to your adoring fans (by which we mean extended family), there are substantial marketing benefits for using blogging to promote your business.

We love blogging’s ability to grow your business. Take a look at the ways we’ll use blogs to help you.

  1. We’ll drive traffic to your website. When you share blog posts on social media or send links in e-mails, it drives clients to click on your website. This keeps your brand relevant to their lives and gives your website valuable views.
  2. We can help to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keywords and other methods can help to raise your website higher within the hierarchy of Google’s search engines! Put simply, if you are selling homes in Anywheresville, USA, your blog posts mentioning sites in Anywheresville or talking about Anywheresville’s local events will help to raise your website higher among locals looking to search for your offerings online.
  3. We’ll remind clients of the value you offer. Reminding clients that you’re an expert in your field never hurts. By posting regularly, you’ll be able to reach clients consistently so that they’ll call you the next time they’re in search of your services.
  4. Blogging can answer questions about your business for clients. If you’re answering the same questions frequently about your business, blogging can help to answer those for clients. Addressing common topics pertaining to your brand will help to bring about an increased awareness of you and your brand.
  5. We will give valuable content connected with your brand. Great tips or tricks pertaining to your business are a great way of connecting with clients on a personal level. Local events listing blogs not only give your website the locally charged SEO boosts it needs, but it also provides truly valuable content for clients looking for great events. There are tons of ways to give your clients value through blogging. Well written blogs give clients great reasons to read and will then accomplish the benefits listed here.
  6. We will encourage customers with distinct calls to action. Well placed links in blog posts will drive clients to your contact pages or other pertinent pages. By pairing these links with great calls to action, it drives your customers to make a move to contact you. While you can sit around and hope for a client to call, you’ve got a better chance of them calling you with the use of great calls to action in blog posts.

Incorporating blogging into your marketing strategy is a great idea for multiple reasons. By using this platform on your blog you can accomplish marketing and internet-based goals for your website while encouraging personal connectivity with your clients. We love the personalization and value that blogging brings to your business. Contact us today to see how we can integrate blogging into your marketing strategy!

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