How to Use Your Personal Facebook Account to Support Your Business

How to Use Your Personal Facebook Account to Support Your Business

We have you covered when it comes to your professional social media! We can manage and curate a professional Facebook page that will make your business look incredible. But, it’s important to know that real estate is a business that depends entirely on the connections in real life that people make.

This is where your personal social media persona comes into play. Most of us have at least a few hundred friends on Facebook. Each person you know is a potential client or a potential referrer. Having some synergy between your business and personal social media accounts is an important way to create and affirm connections with people. Take a look to see what we mean.

  • Make sure you have a business page- Your personal account is great if your real estate career is just a hobby, but it’s important to create a place for your business life to dwell. You can then share things from this page, post more frequently than on a personal page, and use boosting to get the word out about your business. Managing a business page is a lot of work, this is a great opportunity to bring in professional help!
  • Invite friends to “like” your page- Once your professional page is established, you should invite your friends to follow your page! You can easily do this with the click of a button. Don’t stress about who to invite, most everyone in your friends list should receive an invite. Make sure you even invite those who live in other areas, their referrals to local friends could prove useful! This is one of the best ways to incorporate your personal account into your business life on social media. Inviting people to like your page is a first step in personally letting each one know that you are working and established as an agent.
  • Share your listings- Once your listings are shared on your business page (something else we can help you with) it’s a great idea to share those hot listings you’re working to sell! Share them on your personal account along with your own commentary. If you’re loving a unique feature, let your friends know! This is a great way to get the word out from your own mouth. Having that personal touch is a great method for expanding your reach.
  • Share personal successes- Don’t just share your listings or sold sign photos. Share the important things you accomplish in your career. A special recognition or award is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your career. Share these things occasionally on your personal account. Your friends will be happy to celebrate these successes with you!
  • Don’t be one-sided- Engage with friends on Facebook. If you see a friend from high school, like their photos. Comment on that cousin’s status update. You can’t expect people to engage with your social media accounts if you aren’t engaging with theirs. Your consistent reactions to posts or the occasional kind comment can go a long way toward establishing a new client or gaining new referrals.
  • Request to be a friend- Connect with new friends and old on your account. Expanding your circle of influence will help your business tremendously. If you made a new buddy at the gym this week, send a friend request. If you see an elementary best friend show up as a recommendation, send a request! This is a great way to support personal friendships and professional connections.
  • Have a personal life- Don’t just share your business content. Share about your family, friends, and personal life. It’s easy to appreciate the business value of your social media accounts. But it’s important to understand that people will start to feel “professional fatigue” if all they see is your real estate talk. Share the things you normally share, but sprinkle in the business talk occasionally. Seeing that you lead a full life outside of work is a great advertisement to your circle of friends that you’re experiencing success.

Try giving a bit more thought to your social media persona from a personal perspective this week. This valuable tool can work hand-in-hand with your business to incredible results. Give these tips a try and let us know how you blend your personal and professional friendships!

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels

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