How to Make Blogging Work for You

How to Make Blogging Work for You

We talk a lot about your marketing toolkit here at Fresh Start Virtual Assistants. There are several tools used in any great marketing strategy. We’re sure you’ve noticed that there’s no “one size fits all” approach that works for your business either. It’s important to employ every tool to ensure success. One of our favorite tools is content-marketing through blogging. Blogging comes with multiple unique benefits to bolster your marketing plan.

In this post, we’d like to explore the ways to make blogging work for your business.

Constantly Reach Your Audience

Blogging doesn’t provide static verbiage like your website’s copy does. Blogging is a never-ending stream of content that incorporates your clients’ interests, your business strategies, lighthearted stories of interest, and much more. Blogging provides a means of reaching your audience with relatable content that the unchanging website copy, no matter how incredible, can never accomplish.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

As you constantly reach your audience, you’ll also drive new visitors to your site. This traffic is what makes your business rise to the top in a sea of competition. When a potential client searches for “Realtors in Somewheresville, USA,” will your site show up in the top results? Content makes this happen. It has been said that content is the new SEO. To keep yourself relevant, provide clients with content regularly and watch your site thrive.

Provide Value to Clients

Know what your audience wants to read. Think to the stories you’ve clicked in the past week. Why did you choose to read the posts you did? The answer is probably that the story “looked interesting” or “sounded like it had good ideas,” etc. The common thread is that these posts provided value that enticed you to click and read. This is the key to great blog content. Provide posts of interest to your audience. This valuable content will pay dividends when it comes to marketing.

Consistently Make Connections

Putting a voice along with your website’s headshot is a great way to make the all-important connections to ensure success in your business. Show your team’s personality, show you are human, connect with an audience in a unique way. The content on your blog will humanize you to clients who may not have met you yet or know much about your team’s ethos. This is a great way to extend connections.

Send it to Your Audience

Writing great posts is helpful, but it’s not going to do much to help you grow unless you share it with your audience. Send posts via e-mail marketing, share stories on Facebook, reach more members of your client base through tweets with your blog links. The importance of spreading your work throughout several channels can never be underestimated. Daily content won’t accomplish much unless you disseminate it amongst the people who need to see it!

Get Help

We don’t know of many agents with the time or energy to write weekly or biweekly content for their pages. This is why it’s important to find help. Our blogging team researches relevant ideas for brand new content, writes engaging posts, proofs and edits, finds great photos for posts, then handles the work of posting. We don’t stop there, we then ensure your posts are shared and given the appropriate help to reach your audience. This is something most people simply wouldn’t have the time to accomplish, let alone accomplish well. It’s important to know when to reach out for the help you need. Blogging is a great tool, but it’s also a tool that could use an expert’s touch.

Contact us! We love this unique and exciting tool that can help accomplish your marketing goals. Let us help you reach your audience and connect with interesting and fresh content.

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