How To Deal With A Negative Online Review

It used to be said that an unsatisfied client/customer would tell 10 people about their experience. In today’s world an unsatisfied client/customer can reach ten thousand if not ten million by putting their experience online in the form of a review.  Each business should always strive to provide excellent customer service and it is more important than ever to do so in today’s internet driven world. With sites such as Facebook, Google Reviews, and Zillow, clients now have the ability to let everyone know exactly what they think. As a small business owner, the way you handle a negative review of your business can impact future business.  

Here is how to move forward once a negative review is left online regarding your business.

1. Stay Alert

The last thing you want is a negative review to be left online regarding your business and you don’t find out about it until months later. Every business needs to use a service that alerts you whenever a new review is left about your business online.

2. Don’t Overreact

It is human nature to take offense when something negative is said about you or your business. Don’t overreact.  You may find you want to quickly reply to a review, but don’t reply while you are in an emotional place. Take some time to gather your thoughts, relax, and regroup before responding.

3. A Learning Opportunity

Don’t take negative reviews as a personal attack, but instead think of it as a learning opportunity. Criticism can be hard to take, but take the negative and turn it into an opportunity to improve and better your business.

4. Respond Timely

No matter if it’s a negative or positive review, take the time to respond to each review as timely as you can.  When you respond be authentic. If there is a negative review respond with a way to solve the problem.  Others reading the review will want to see that you care about your clients/customers and want to make it right.

5. Excel In Customer Service

Make your business a customer focused one and excel when it comes to customer service.  Make it your policy to place customer satisfaction at the top.

Don’t be upset or take it as a personal attack if a negative review is left regarding your business online. Instead, takes steps to solve a problem and prevent it from happening in the future. Many times increasing the customer service your business provides will help reduce negative reviews in the future.

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