Growing Your Personal Brand Via Social Media

Your personal brand is how you present your business and how it appears to others.  With that being said, your personal brand needs to be strong, polished, and interesting.  Once the world knows who you are, they will then identify you as an expert in your industry.  This makes you the go-to person in your industry.  Growing your personal brand on social media is a must in today’s world.

The internet can be an easy place to build your personal brand and with a little bit of persistence you can easily become the go-to person in your field.  The first place to start when it comes to building your personal brand is to know what you are up against.  Seek out your competition and see what their strong points are and what their weak points are. This is where you could attack and succeed. While establishing your personal brand be your authentic self. Your brand is a reflection of who you are.

Be active on social media platforms and always make sure your social media profiles are filled out completely.  Always come across as professional and knowledgeable in your area.

Measurable results will take time and it usually is a slow process that is built on over time.  Focus on your metrics overall, such as your Social ROI (impact of your efforts), and the total overall value to your business. Your overall goal when it comes to your personal brand should be to increase your recognition and to get noticed and this can take years. Have patience and be persistent and consistent.

We have already established that building your personal brand can take time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  There are so many social media platforms out there that you may find yourself easily getting distracted.  To avoid this, create a personal brand plan and stick to it, adjusting it when necessary. The social media world is always changing and so will your plan. However, the core focus of your plan, the content you are delivering, will remain the same.  

Each month ask yourself: Am I closer to achieving my goals and am I in a better place than I was a month ago? There are social analytic tools available that will help you determine if your efforts are driving more traffic to your site.

If you need help growing your personal brand on social media we would be happy to help. Contact us today, and start building your personal brand.

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