Content You Should Cease Putting Out There Immediately

If your content marketing isn’t getting you results and is pretty much stagnant, then it’s time to change some things.   Changing up the type of content that you are publishing and writing will improve your business’s brand and hopefully your revenue.

Here are a few types of content you should not be putting out there.

Universal – The biggest mistake you can make is putting content out there that is universal or generic.  That means don’t post articles that are over reaching in relation to your business.  Content that is not offering any value to your readers should be avoided.  Don’t write or post articles that are already everywhere online and generic in topic.

Meaningless Content- Avoid publishing meaningless content or filler content with the sole purpose of just filling space.  When writing content or publishing material make sure it has a clear purpose.   If the content is not useful then don’t put it out there.   Knowing your audience is the key to providing content that will meet their needs. If you are writing your own content do so with a clear goal and with your key audience in mind.

Don’t Over Sell- When it comes to content marketing you want to provide your readers with a solution to a problem, or helpful advice to something relevant in your industry. What your audience doesn’t want is to be bombarded on a consistent basis with content asking them to buy something or sign up for something.   Whatever you do, don’t charge others to view your content.  

Content marketing that is done right is one of the best marketing avenues to grow your business.  Create and promote content that is easy for your readers to relate to.  This will help you gain new leads and boost sales.

If you’re not doing content marketing for your business, you should be.  We promise you can do it! With a little trial and error, you can succeed. If you feel you don’t have time to properly manage your company’s content marketing contact us to see how we can help.

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