Communicate Effectively With Millennial Buyers Using The Right Tools

The number of millennials has surpassed that of baby boomers when it comes to homebuyers. As a real estate agent, you need to have the right tools when it comes to communicating with millennials who fall into the 25-39-year-old age range.

Here is what you need to attract and reach millennial homebuyers without spending a fortune

Text Takes Over Talk

The days of rotary phones and having to get up to manually change the channels on the television are something the millennial generation can’t relate to. Today they communicate via Snapchat and look to Google to answer their questions.  These buyers are looking for agents who know how to speak their language and how to talk to them. Starting a conversation with a buyer via text may come off as rude to you, but with the millennial generation, it’s the norm in their culture and many times preferable. However, not everyone is the same so a combination of text and actual calls works better for some millennial buyers.

Go Mobile

Millennials are used to instant access to nearly everything.  If they are curious about a home that is for sale they can instantly access pictures online by their phone.  In 2015, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users. This means your website needs to be mobile capable.

Hyperlinks Take Over Direct Mail

In today’s instant access environment marketing and advertising is getting cheaper for many.  Direct mail still has a part in marketing, but hyperlinks are taking over direct mail.  Sending out a monthly eNewsletter is an affordable way to communicate with buyers and helps build your database.  In your monthly eNewsletter, include hyperlinks to your website and social media platforms.

Social Media Platforms Take Over Word-of–Mouth

There is more to marketing online than just hosting a website. It involves being active on various social media platforms and other various sites to direct traffic back to your website.  It seems like every day a new social media platform emerges and to reach millennials you need to stay on top of them. For instance, Facebook used to be the place to be for millennials until their parents and even grandparents started using it. As a result, a good portion took to Instagram and now it seems they are moving on to Snapchat.  Each of the various social media platforms out there seems to have something to offer and provides you with a wide variety of tools when it comes to reaching millennials.  Social media today is today’s word-of-mouth. Both positive and negative experiences are shared via social media platforms.

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