Calls To Action In Real Estate

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is a line of text or an image that prompts an audience to take an immediate response.  Without a strong CTA on your website you will have a difficult time converting those who visit your site into leads.  CTA’s that are poorly placed or are boring will not grab the attention of your visitors. An excellent CTA will have visitors taking action and will ultimately help you convert those visitors into leads.

When it comes to creating a CTA for your website content there is no need to over-complicate things. A few common CTA’s that could still be effective are: “Search For Homes”, “View Properties”, “Click Here To Start Searching”, “What Is Your Home Worth?”, and “Contact An Agent”.  Keep them simple and make sure they are in the scope of what your visitors are looking for.

Keeping it simple does work, but consistently relying on what every other real estate website out there is using could diminish your chance of converting visitors to leads. Get creative! Change up your CTA to clearly let visitors know what they can expect and what you have to offer.

Try these ideas out:

1. Call us today for your free home matching consultation.

2. Find out how you can own a home for less than what you pay in rent.

3. Subscribe to our newsletter today packed with valuable real estate tips.

4. Subscribe here for the latest real estate market reports.

The one thing to remember when creating a CTA is to avoid lingo that only those in the real estate world are familiar with.   One we see too often is, “Get a free CMA.”  Those in the real estate world quickly know that it stands for Comparative Market Analysis, but not too many other people outside the real estate bubble will know what it means. Another common CTA is, “Search the MLS.” Today many consumers not in the real estate world know what the MLS is, but not everyone.

What Do You Want

Before creating a CTA that is perfect for your website, you first must know what you want visitors to do. For example, are you looking for them to sign up for your newsletter so you cano build up your mailing list or are you interested in attracting those looking to sell their home?  Once you have a goal in mind, begin testing a few different CTA’s to see which one will work best. Don’t forget to make the CTA attention grabbing and attractive.

Best of luck! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with your real estate marketing needs!

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