An Unlikely Tool in Your Real Estate Marketing Toolbox

An Unlikely Tool in Your Real Estate Marketing Toolbox

You’ve likely used emojis in at least one of your text messages this week. You might have even used them on a personal Facebook or Instagram post recently. If you think that these little illustrations don’t have power in real estate marketing, then you’re definitely wrong.

Emojis do things that plain text can’t do on its own, no matter how great the verbiage. They add oomph to your social media posts and make them extra eye catching in a sea of posts on Facebook or Instagram. They add a pop of bright color, personality, and help to engage your audience more than simple text can alone.

While emojis may not have a place in every aspect of your professional life (legal real estate documents should probably remain emoji free), social media is a more relaxed medium in nature. We’ve outlined a few of the reasons that your real estate marketing can greatly benefit from the addition of these tiny little illustrations.

Breaks Up Boring Text

Emojis can serve to break up lengthy text. Your audience’s eyes may skim past a long description of a home that you feel like they’d be interested in but you can catch their attention with a few strategically placed emojis throughout the text. Their interest will be locked in skimming from back and forth between text and emojis.


Engagement increases by adding emojis to your posts. Not only does it grab the attention of a passerby, a post with extra pops of color and personality will encourage readers to stop and engage. Emojis make you and your content more approachable. If you have a call to action or a clickable link, you can easily add an arrow or pointing finger to encourage action.

Gives Inflection

While your clients won’t be able to hear your tone audibly, emojis can help to accomplish the job of lending emphasis and inflection to your writing. Whether something is funny, promises to wow, or is a hot listing, there’s an emoji for each scenario. Peppering a post with these tiny pictures will give your social media posts a personality and tone that you can’t always convey with text alone.


Specifically, when using the emoji keyboard in your real estate marketing, you can grab the attention of readers as they check their social media feed. If a listing has some amazing feature like a tennis court or a beautiful tree filled yard, you can represent these on a social media post. You can save on character count, add color, add creativity, and highlight something that may not be visible from a home’s main exterior photo.

If you have a hot listing, it’s easy to add the star emoji or maybe the fire emoji to a post to bring extra attention to the listing. You could also use the money bag emoji or the cash emoji if a listing has a reduced price.

The possibilities of using the full range of emojis in your social media posts are endless. We love using these as one of the many tools in our marketing toolbox to bring excitement and interest to posts. If you’ve wanted to make your social media presence more relevant and to engage your audience in a new way, contact us! We’d love to talk to you about incorporating these exciting tools into your marketing campaign.

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