7 Things Successful Agents Always Do

7 Things Successful Agents Always Do

You’ve been doing well in the real estate game. You’ve developed a great reputation locally and your name is starting to become synonymous with great service. But, don’t you want to crush it? What can you do to really get a jump on your game and your business?

These tips are seven of the most important things successful real estate agents do. Take a hard look at yourself and your business. Are you doing these things? Could you stand to make some improvements? Check these out and give them a try this next week.

  1.      Create a Killer Morning Routine- Mornings are sacred. If you’re used to rolling out of bed an hour before your first meeting and showing up bleary eyed, you can’t expect to experience amazing success. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Gradually you can get used to a morning routine that involves self-care, prep for your day, a healthy breakfast, and the all-important coffee that we all need and love!
  2.      Organize Your Time- Understanding what’s important in your daily routine is going to help you crush it during peak hours. Try creating a block schedule. During 2-3 hour blocks, devote your time to a certain type of task, and only those tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much more laser focused your time will be.
  3.      Ask for Help- It’s important to know when to bow out. You can’t handle the social media for your business along with marketing and connecting with clients. Understand what the experts can handle for you. Delegating to a team of experienced professionals not only removes the burden from you, it also helps create something at a much higher level than you could create on your own. Knowing when to find help is a trick successful agents master from an early stage.
  4.      Connect in their Community- Successful agents understand that their local community is the key to their success. Get plugged in at town hall meetings, talk with local tastemakers, support the local businesses that make the community thrive. There are tons of easy ways to make connections in your community. You might even find that you make some great friendships that will be helpful beyond the business grind.
  5.      Prioritize Relationships- People can always spot inauthentic relationships. Making an effort to be authentic and kind goes a long way in the real estate business. This is a relationship-driven career. It’s impossible to thrive without the ability to make strong connections with those around you.
  6.      Work on Yourself- Investing in your education is extremely important in this field. Whether it’s reading a book on networking or taking a course to learn a new software better. It’s vital to your success to invest in yourself. The real estate market is ever changing, keep ahead to ensure your personal success.
  7.      Know When to Relax- Self-care is the easiest and hardest thing to do! Who doesn’t love relaxing? But how many of us actually do it? The problem is that we sometimes won’t allow ourselves to turn off for long enough to recuperate. This creates a cycle headed straight for burnout. Not only will you burn out, but you’ll also start to notice a decrease in the quality of your work. As difficult as it can be, make some time to prioritize yourself each day. Spend 30 minutes doing something you enjoy or a short break to just breathe. No matter how you unwind, successful people understand that self-care is just as important as any other business building technique.

What are your keys to success? We’d love to hear about the things you always do that significantly improve your real estate performance!


Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels


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