7 Corporate Twitter Accounts that Really “GET” Twitter

7 Corporate Twitter Accounts that Really “GET” Twitter

Twitter is a necessary evil in the marketing game. You not only increase your brand’s reach by using this social media platform, your content is also easily retweetable and shareable to tons of other eyes who are also using the platform.

Some brands have learned how to use this platform in unique and exciting ways we can all learn from. Give these brands a follow for a look at current social media trends, pop culture, and a few laughs along the way.

Wendy’s (@wendys)

The purveyor of Dave’s delicious burgers also serves up hilarious burns to other twitter accounts on this platform. Whether taking jabs at their competitors or laughing with (not AT) their followers, this account has nailed the whole platform and is a “must follow” for millions.

Starbucks (@starbucks)

Keeping up with trends on the internet is important for any corporate account. Starbucks did this when they caught wind of the famous red cup debate. They started a popular hashtag about the topic and encouraged discussion and brand loyalty. They also engage well with their audience by retweeting and sharing the content their fans post.

Purina (@purina)

A great viral hashtag can help a company with exposure and encourage tweets that point back to your brand. Sometimes these hashtags are a great goodwill gesture in a shareable format. The #PetsAtWork hashtag is an example of this. By encouraging tweets of furry friends at work with their owners, Purina started a trend that put them in a good light and made people want to share adorable pet pics that helped the Purina brand.

Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods)

This popular organic chain of supermarkets isn’t using their Twitter for humor or wit. They have made it their mission to educate their followers. They feature interesting facts, delicious recipes, and other useful information on their account. Their fans appreciate finding out helpful information and continue to follow the account because of its value.

Amazon.com (@amazon)

This online giant showcases their informative and valuable blog posts through the Twitter platform. With eye catching photos, readers are encouraged to click to read the stories while perusing their Twitter feeds.

Old Spice (@oldspice)

In addition to great and genuinely funny TV ads, this men’s body care company continues to nail it on Twitter. They’ve incorporated a shot of humor into their Twitter strategy and make fun of the problem their product solves: body odor. They also incorporate coupons into their feed to keep their followers interested for more than one reason.

Coca-Cola (@cocacola)

The #ShareACoke campaign went viral when the beverage company started their ad campaign showcasing names on the sides of their packaging. With the goal of finding your own name or a funny title on the side of a coke bottle, people took to Twitter to use the hashtag successfully. It took off and currently features hundreds of thousands of tweets using their hashtag and showcasing the product throughout.

There are tons of great ways to use Twitter to your advantage in business. Follow these seven accounts and start gleaning inspiration from these highly successful feeds today!

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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