7 Benefits of Using Eye Catching Stock Photos

7 Benefits of Using Eye Catching Stock Photos

You probably don’t give stock photos much thought. These well produced photos are being used in blogs, ads, and social media posts. They add an eye catching design element to your marketing emails and break up long portions of text. But, like we said, you’ve probably never given them much thought.

We have 7 reasons why we love using high quality stock photos in our marketing plan.

  1. Catch the Eye- When scrolling through your newsfeed or glancing at a marketing e-mail, your eye will be drawn to interesting photos. If you see a photo that catches your eye, you’re prone to read the attached text, and (hopefully!) follow through with the call to action located in the text.
  2. Add Color- Your brand may be associated with a certain colorway or you may want your marketing to tie in with the season. Using high quality stock photos that coordinate with whatever you’re looking for will add a pop of color.
  3. Inject Your Brand’s Style- You may find that you want to appeal to a cool millennial customer. We can choose photography that demonstrates your personal and brand style. By incorporating pictures representing a certain style, you have an opportunity to establish yourself visually.
  4. Set the Mood- You may want to incite excitement or serenity with a marketing tool. We have access to an almost unlimited amount of great stock photography. We can attach a high resolution photo that will set the mood you’re going for.
  5. Portray the Highest Quality- Cheap photos make your work look, well, cheap! We have access to stock photos that are both high resolution and quality work. Since you want to portray yourself as a quality agent representing a great brand, it’s important to use photography that says the same thing.
  6. Save Time and Money- Obviously, it’s impossible for you to spend the time it would take to create photos for each piece of marketing you use. Stock photos save the time you just can’t spend taking photos and the money you’d spend hiring a photographer to do photos each time you post something.
  7. Customize to Your Needs- Need a photo of people running in a beach location for your new beachfront property specialization? Or do you want to post a photo with a bowl of ice cream for a great localism post? Stock photos have you covered. No matter how obscure the topic, there’s probably a fun photo in the archives just waiting to be used.

We love using stock photos as visual means of marketing. In social media, e-mail marketing, and more we love seeing great design and eye catching photos used throughout your campaign. Get in touch, we’d love to discuss ways to use these.

 Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


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