5 Reasons Your 2017 Marketing Plan Should Include Email Marketing

2017 is just around the corner and now is when you should be planning your marketing plan for the upcoming year.  If your current marketing plan does not include email marketing, you are missing out on potential revenue. Each month in the United States there are an estimated 1.47 million marketing emails sent out and more than 34% of people in the world use email.  That percent is expected to increase in the next two years.  Email marketing is simply a powerful way to connect with your target customers and increase revenue.

Here are 5 reasons you should add email marketing to your 2017 marketing plan.

1. Effectiveness

Email marketing is highly effective and many times is more effective than social media. Research shows that email is 40 times more effective at increasing your customer base than Twitter and Facebook. With that being said, this doesn’t mean you need to stop being active in social media so that you can start email marketing. Social media makes up an important component of any businesses’ marketing plan.

When it comes to conversions, email marketing is the way to go.  Customer acquisition via email marketing has increased by 4x the amount from 2009-2013 according to a study by Custora.

2. Return-on-Investment

A 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report showed that 60% of marketers reported that email marketing has an ROI of nearly 32%.  On average, you can expect a return of $44.25 for every $1 spent on your businesses email marketing.

3. Personalization

Email marketing allows you the opportunity to personalize emails that can be sent to a targeted list. Personalized emails that are sent to targeted readers provide value. When you post to social media you are putting out content that is designed to reach your whole audience base, whereas with email marketing you can create content that is more targeted.  In fact, with email marketing if you put the lead’s name in the subject line they are 22% more likely to open it according to a 2012 research report from Adestra.

4. Measureable

When it comes to email marketing there is no guessing about who is reading your content. The popular platform Constant Contact allows you to track who opened your email, what they clicked on, and how many chose to unsubscribe.  Those who click on links in your email make for great leads to follow up on. There are many email marketing platforms out there and each will provide you with a wide variety of services. Nearly all include trackable measures.

5. Mobile Devices

It seems like almost everyone has a smartphone these days and people are always staying connected and checking their emails.  In fact, data shows that nearly 91% of people are using their phones to check their emails, whereas the same data reported that only 75% of users were checking social media with their phones.

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