4 Reasons Realtors Need Content Marketing

When it comes to real estate there is a lot of competition and it can be tough to stand out among the crowd.  It’s important that you find a way to stand out among the competition and you can do this by reevaluating how you are choosing to communicate with your clients. Say goodbye to the consistent sales pitch and truly connect with your clients by providing helpful information that they can use.  This can be achieved via content marketing.

Here are 4 reasons realtors need content marketing.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

As we mentioned before, there are a large number of real estate agents in nearly every market and you want to be known as the industry expert. If you’re the only agent out there providing helpful information of value you will stand apart from the crowd. Start creating and publishing helpful content to establish yourself as the expert in the real estate industry.  In the future clients will not question your skills or ability as a result of the knowledge you have shown by producing meaningful content.

Gain Brand Awareness

To be successful with content marketing you must be consistent. Stay consistent and continue to produce new and fresh content while getting your name out there. The more potential clients see your name, the more familiar you will become to them.  The goal is to be in the forefront of all buyers and sellers minds so the next time they are ready to buy or sell they will use your services.

Improve Your Google Ranking

When it comes to your ranking on Google, the key is that you are consistently updating your website with new things. An easy and affordable way to achieve this is by producing new content on your website’s blog which is engaging and geared towards your target audience.  Many buyers start their real estate search online these days and you want your website to be appealing and to stand out from the crowd.  

Build Likeability

Too many agents create a profile across many social media platforms but fail to be social. Creating content that is relevant and current is a great way to stay social on the various platforms out there. Not only does this content increase your search engine ranking, it also helps you come across as likeable.

If you are not currently using content marketing as part of your marketing plan start today! If you find it hard to set aside time to focus on your content marketing let us help.  If you are interested in finding out more about what a virtual assistant can do for you contact us.

Fresh Start Virtual Assistants is a U.S. only based company of virtual experts who would love to help you reach your real estate goals by handling your administrative tasks.  Let our team help you once again free up your time to focus on high-value tasks, while we tackle your day to day administrative tasks.

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