4 Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2017 That Realtors Can’t Afford To Ignore

Welcome 2017! The world of marketing has changed over the years, especially in this digital era, and it will continue to change.   In this new year there are a few real estate marketing trends every Realtor needs to be doing.

1. Video

For those that are camera shy, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone. Video is gaining popularity, especially live video.  If you’re not comfortable jumping in with live video, start by doing some pre-recorded video. In terms of engagement, there is more when it comes to live video, and it fairs better when it comes to social media algorithms.  Consider using platforms such as FacebookLive, Periscope, and MeerKat.

2. 3-D Listings

Many real estate agents have already begun using 3-D virtual tours for their listings. If you have yet to integrate 3-D tours in your listings give it a try in 2017.  Matterport seems to be one of the most popular providers at this time. These tours allow viewers to be fully immersed in the space as if they were actually there, and as a real estate agent, it makes you appear more technologically savvy.

3. Pay to Play

Too many real estate agents rely solely on organic results when it comes to their website and social media sites.  Your lead generation budget should include funds for running ads on social media. Not that long ago the content you put on Twitter or Facebook would have been seen by a majority of your audience, but those days are gone.  Running ads is the way to get your content seen these days. Facebook is the go-to social media platform for ads in today’s market. Start now with experiments with new ads on Facebook.

4. Be Active

Many real estate agents have social media accounts on various platforms, and may even have it so that content is published on all platforms routinely.  Being active on social media should go a little further than just posting content routinely to various platforms.  Don’t forget to be social on the social media platforms. Don’t spend your time posting content that is only full of your listings. Put out content that provides information to your clients. Also, be engaging yourself by starting conversations and responding to conversations on your social platforms. Be Personable!

Have a solid marketing plan and put it into place this year and watch your business grow. If you‘re struggling with coming up with a full marketing plan or having trouble implementing it, we can help. Fresh Start Virtual Assistants gives you a “fresh start” to your business needs. Contact Us today to see how we can help!

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