3 Tips To Help Get Your 2017 Business Goals Started Now

Welcome to 2017, while many Americans are busy planning their New Year’s resolutions, business owners across America are planning their business goals for the year. If you haven’t yet planned your business’ goals for the year, now would be the perfect time to start. If you’re not sure where to start here are a few areas you should examine in determining your goals.

1. Monetary Goals

Owning a small business isn’t always about the money. In reality, your business’ finances are a strong indicator of its overall health.  Spend some time going over your company’s statements or reviewing your accounting software to examine how well your business did in 2016.  While looking at your 2016 finances, find what helped make you profitable. Add what you need to do to make that happen again into your 2017 goals. Begin planning for what extra costs you will incur in 2017. Does your business need rebranded, your website updated, or marketing budget increased? Determine those costs and budget accordingly for the new year.

2. Company Goals

Another easy way to start planning your 2017 company goals is to work on goals for your team.  If you find that you are doing everything it may be time to add a team to help you reach your goals.  Virtual assistants are an easy way to add experienced team members without the added costs you would encounter if you hired an employee.

If you already have a team in place, review your 2016 goals that you had with your team and see if they were met.  If you find things didn’t work out as well as you expected, make changes for 2017. This is also the perfect time to brainstorm with your team on how to grow the business.

3. Customer Service Goals

If your business is providing poor customer service it will suffer.  When planning your 2017 goals you need to examine how your business performed in the eyes of your customer.  If those who did business with you had a bad experience, you could lose future business from them and their acquaintances. Nearly every business can do something more to provide better customer service. Plan for your 2017 goals to include new ways to provide the best customer service possible to all you encounter.

Sum It Up

Over the next few weeks set aside time to set your 2017 business goals so that you succeed.  Fresh Start Virtual Assistants would love to help you achieve your goals this year.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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